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Better Plan Your Time On The Water

Ryple removes the guesswork from choosing the right river and the right time to find fish.

The Science

We know that bugs are most active when they are hatching and we know the conditions when hatching is most likely to occur. Specifically when the combination of water depth, barometric pressure and tidal influence are optimal. Ryple shows you when those conditions are most likely to occur in the coming week.

The Data

Ryple utilizes the following data sources combined with our proprietary algorithm to better define when and where fish are likely to be feeding: USGS Stream Gauge Data, Solunar Data, and Local Barometric Pressure Data. Each Ryple "fish" icon represents one of over 13,000 USGS Stream Gauge locations including Alaska.

The Scoring

Ryple's founders have years of experience on the river and understand how entomology, hydrology and meteorology work together toward fishing success. Taking that carnal knowledge and wrapping it in a complex algorithm utilizing the data sources available is the power of Ryple's prediction methodology.

Service Features

Viewing, refining, and planning within Ryple is dead simple.
We designed the service to easily deliver the data when you need it. (Doubleclick the icons to view)

Map View
Single Day/Stream Scoring
7 Day Future View
24 hr Day View
Simple Scoring Icons

Be There When The Fish Are.

A Robust RESTful Web Service and API

Add Ryple data to your app or website!

Attract new customers to your existing location based fishing app by utilizing the Ryple API and data service.
Access to the Ryple API is based on a unique token that is generated on a per customer basis. Whether you are a retailer in the fishing/fly fishing industry or a shop/guide service, we are open to discussions on how Ryple can augment your business plan and provide incremental value to your customer base.
Feel free to click the button below to view a sample case study and complete the form to contact us.

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Press Mentions

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    "The app´s magic comes from a combination of factors including fish feeding time and place, water depth, local barometric pressure, and tidal influence. There is also a Ryple Community, for sharing videos, images and stories with other users."
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    "Ryple removes one of the best part of fishing, that is, the bullshitting to other anglers about where the best spots are while actually jealously protecting your own secret honey holes."
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    "Granted, the app can’t guarantee you will catch any fish or more fish, but the fact is that the more information you have regarding a location, the better you equipped you are to find that perfect spot. The information is all plotted on a map in which you can tap on the fish to get more information about that particular location."